The music we perform includes a set of different influences such as follows:

Classical music: To quote some of them: Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, Lizst. Classical music is bedrock in our playing. Generally, it enhances softness and a particular touch in apprehending music. A piece should indeed have a main chronic thema, along with various"moments" within, mixed with an ingenious combination of piano, pianissimo or forte sequences in order to honestly live the piece. As the eminent pianist Alfred Cortot wisely stated "you have to dream your piece".

Classical guitar: comprehends numerous great masterpieces by such composers like Barrios Mangore, Narcisso Yepes, Francisco Tarrega.

Example: "Julia Florida" masterpiece from A.Barrios performed by a master.


Jazz: Relaxing, touching, creating specific ambiances and atmospheres.

Smooth jazz music

Jazz guitar: Marcus Miller. Musicians who have got their own styles.

Video games. Let's mention "Nobuo Uematsu", the famous "Final Fantasy" Japanese composer seemingly inspired our music. He indeed does have his very particular touch in apprehending music, awakening emotions and conveying feelings. As such, a great deal of Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X sweet melodies grabbed our attention. To mention a few: "Melodies of Life";  "FF10 Ending theme"; "Loss of me"; "Dali Village"

Japanese Anime: Joe Hisaichi. Sweet touching melodies and tunes:  "Princess Mononoke", "Chihiro"

Pianists: My attention goes to the famous Korean pianist "Yiruma" whose personal sweet melancolic melodies cant help but touch anyone of us.

Yiruma perfoming "Do you".

Japanese Metal: X-Japan "Endless rain"
Chinese: Traditional music and present songs.


French popular music: Songwriters/performers such as Michel Polnareff. He has a unique sensitive way of apprehending music.

American pop singers/bands: Michael Jackson, the Beatles, the Bee Gees, John Lennon, Phil Collins

Vintage: Bob Marley
Modern: Tiken Jah Fakoly..

Modern: Infinity, Edward Maya, Daft Punk
Every good, energetic and melodious Club & Lounge tune.

What differentiates a good tune from a banal tune?

-Performers: Most importantly, whether they are musicians: pianist, guitarist, drummer, endearing singer. It definitely adds VALUE, greatness.... 
-Music: Has to be sincere and well worked,.
It has to prevent any kind of commercial, industrialized pile of meaningless sounds; stuff that we often stumble upon these days.
-Performance: Let's privilege Emotion, Oneness with music.

Music can then turn into the expression of your emotions. You are "living" your piece.

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