lundi 24 janvier 2011

Cover: Chihiro - Itsumo Nando Demo (Always with me)

Acoustic guitar performance of this famous masterpiece from Joe Hisaichi. This is a short, live, slow and unplugged performance. Yeah I like to switch and try some different guitar instruments ;-) From Eric

Introduction - acoustic guitar composition

This composition is a swift introduction based on some simple chords, picturing what kind of content the website is about. Guitar, Piano, Duets. We do some covers but also our own melodies. There will be mostly some videos of short lenght, which favour pleasantness and ease of listening. From Eric

dimanche 23 janvier 2011


Here you can enjoy various music influences such as classical, folk, picking, Asian or even video games.

Foremost, it is self-expression playing. These tunes and compos aim at conveying feelings, moods, specific atmospheres. Enjoy and we hope you will appreciate ;-)


Welcome everyone, check out the tunes ^^